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New Series: Solar Energy and You.

For the first series in this blog we will be going over the history, application, technology and future of Solar Energy.


This series will span four parts and will hopefully serve to illuminate many people about the benefits, advantages and effects of using Solar Power …

As most everyone knows Solar Power is derived from the collection and distribution of the suns rays for the purposes of creating energy, more often then not the type of energy generated is electricity, however this is not the only type of energy that the sun’s rays can generate. Other energy that can be derived from the sun’s rays is heat energy (of course), mechanical energy and kinetic energy to name but a few. There has even been some speculation that Solar Energy could be used in fighting global warming by imitating the photosynthesis of plants – no matter what side of the global warming debate you are on this would be an excellent gift to mankind.

In this four part series we will discuss the history, the present and the future of solar energy. Please tune in to read about Solar Energy, how it is formed and how you can benefit from it.

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